Exploratory Careers

Course Description

                                                     SYLLABUS FOR EXPLORATORY CAREERS
        The primary focus of the class is job readiness by working on a winning positive attitude. This one semester course deals with investigating the real careers students will enter one day. Using reading, written communication, listening, speaking, and problem solving through Common Core State Standards (CCSS), career and technical education clusters will be looked at (CTE). Students will do a self-assessment through the Naviance online program, and explore career and college matches to his/her interests and skills. Self-evaluation in 9th Grade is important, so students will write Career Journals to start the semester. And since text complexity is a requirement for employment, a chosen book will be read every four weeks in an SSR format, with a daily question/answer about the reading. The textbook will cover specific work vocabulary. Activities/projects completed from the textbook will focus on informative/explanatory/argumentative writing, just as employers demand in the workplace. These topics will also be covered: job interviews, resumes, community college/four year university requirements. 
       To contact me, please call Grant High at 818-7562700 or email kmr0737@lausd.net during regular school business hours.