Lancers earned 3rd place in the state Academic Decathlon competition!!!

In addition to the third place trophy and medals they earned, they brought home some individual medals in a VERY tough Division I competition:

  • Art: Brennan Azizi, Bronze
  • Economics: Brennan Azizi, Silver
  • Economics: Blanca Tovar, Silver
  • Literature: Blanca Tovar, Bronze
  • Math: Brennan Azizi, Gold (PERFECT SCORE!!!)
  • Music: Brennan Azizi, Silver
  • Science: Brennan Azizi, Bronze
  • Science: Blanca Tovar, Bronze
  • Social Science: Rodrigo Leiva, Bronze
  • Speech: Keyrin Dutko, Gold (995 points, out of a possibly 1,000)
  • Team High Scorer: Brennan Azizi
Congratulations to our Decathletes: Brennan Azizi, Rodrigo Leiva, Yadira Castillo, Keyrin Dutko, Juan Valencia Olivos, Jason Lopez, Blanca Tovar, and Aury Galindo.  You are all amazing!