Grant's Continuity of Learning--Expectations for Students

All Grant High School students are expected to complete approximately 4 hours per class each week.  They need to log into Schoology to see course-specific assignments, projects, and tasks.
All administrators, counselors, and teachers have virtual office hours which will soon be posted on the Grant HS website and on Schoology.  Please be aware that teachers will be busy teaching, grading work, and preparing materials, so there may be a delayed response if you e-mail a teacher.  Most teachers will designate blocks of time to respond to e-mails, but we expect they will be inundated with e-mails as we move to this approach.
In the new instructional format, teachers are learning new digital platforms for teaching, and we expect we will hit some bumps along the way.  Please be patient with us in our transition.
Attached to this page are letter in English, Armenian, and Spanish that outline expectations for students and how families can support students.  This letter was e-mailed to all families as well.
Thank you to all our families in the Grant community.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.  In the meantime, stay safe and healthy!!