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Welcome to ASL

Mx. Gavreel Asperillia [they/them] has been working in education since 2014. However, their first teaching experience was in seventh grade when they were Drum Major of the middle school band and would “teach” the class whenever there was a sub. Their second teaching experience occurred in high school, similarly to middle school, whenever their ASL teacher was absent they would teach the class. All these experiences led them to become a seasoned teacher before receiving their first full-time ASL teaching position. 

Mx. Asperillia strongly believes in prioritizing students’ well-being and that some students will not be ready on the day of the quiz. Therefore, they encourage students to keep practicing, studying, asking for support, and attempting a quiz, essay, or presentation again. Students are expected to come to class prepared by studying their vocabulary, being ready to sign with their peers or in front of the class (rare), and ready to reflect on their own thoughts, beliefs, and values with the goal to grow and welcome new ideas and perspectives that are unlike their own.

In continuation of their own education, Mx. Asperillia is a Doctoral Candidate at California Lutheran University. Their dissertation focuses on the experiences of Queer BIPOC educators (P-12) in Southern California.