AP Summer Assignments

Academic Decathlon (Ms. Evens): (schedule updated weekly - click drop down menu)  http://kje2566.wix.com/grantacadeca2017
AP Biology (Magnet - Dr. Bryant)
AP Biology (Ms. Evens)
AP Calculus (Mr. Campos)
AP Chemistry (Ms. Evens)
AP English Language (Ms. Kaminsky)
AP English Lit (Mrs. Caruso):  Please visit her teacher website for information on her summer assignments.  Click on the tab for classes and select AP English Literature.  Handouts and assignments are posted as clickable links.  http://www.mrshaynescaruso.com
AP English Lit (Ms. Kaminsky)
AP English Literature (Magnet - Ms. Pariser)
AP Environmental Science (Magnet - Dr. Bryant)
AP Environmental Science (Ms. Evens)
AP Human Geography (Mr. Corral)
AP Human Geography (Magnet - Mr. McConville)
AP Psychology (Magnet - Mr. McConville)
AP Statistics (Ms. Burawski)
AP Studio Art (Mrs. Torres McLeod)
AP US History (Magnet and Comprehensive - Mr. Cecil)
AP World History (Mr. McDermott): Please read A History of the World in 6 Glasses, by Tom Standage. You can contact Mr. McDermott via email at dkm8746@lausd.net.  Also, you can go to www.mcdermotthistory.net for additional information once the course begins.