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While you are in high school, you can take up to 11 units for free at an LA community college.  You also need to follow the dual/concurrent enrollment process that includes filling out a K-12 Form for each class that you want to take.  Below you will find more information regarding 3 of our local community colleges.



K12 form is now being completed ONLINE and that is how you will be cleared to enroll in a college class. 


Follow these steps: 

1.       Create a NEW account to fill out your Dynamic Form (K12): 

2.       When asked for ID, enter the LAVC ID (starts with 900 or 88 if you did it years ago) 

3.       Under “Course 2” enter the class you are requesting and the units  

4.       When asked to select HIGH SCHOOL, from the drop down menu select “OTHER” to enter: 

  1. school name: Grant HS 
  2. address: 13000 Oxnard St., Van Nuys, CA 91401 
  3. YOUR academic counselor information:
    1.                     Lara Keehne:
                          Karen Kolway:
                          Elba Leanos:
                          Melissa Mata: 
                          John Villafane:

5.       Once you click submit, your parent will receive a link to create his/her account to sign this form 

6.       After your parent signs it electronically, this form will be sent to your counselor to sign online 

7.       When all signatures have been submitted, LAVC will be able to clear you for enrollment 

8.       To enroll, log in to your LAVC portal. You will need the section number to add the class. You will only be able to add if your K12/Dynamic form has been cleared.  


IF you are having log in/technical issues, please attend an LAVC Zoom session.  They are the only ones who can fix this. You will need access to your LAVC portal for the online classes as well.

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