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Beyond the Bell Permit Instructions

Beyond the Bell Application-


Download the Out of Season or In-Season Application and the Civic Center Facilities Permit (see the bottom of the page)

See the Rules and restrictions below.


Go to and pay the $35 to become a member of NHFS



Go to

Fill out the form-

  • Under “Your Local Organization Name*” put off-season (your sport) for example-“Off-season Girls Lacrosse
  • Under Certificate holder: "Los Angeles Unified School District and the Board of Education of the City of Los Angeles"
  • Under certificate mailing address: 333 South Beaudry Ave, 28th Fl., Los Angeles, CA. 90017, REF: Grant High School
  • Is the certificate holder requesting to be named as an additional insured? Answer: Yes
  • Under “local organization” put NHFS
  • Fill out the rest and submit. In 2 or 3 days, you will receive an email. The email contains the insurance certificate.
See Athletic Director for approval and then get principal's signature and initials on both applications.
Scan all forms, including the proof of insurance you received from Dissingerreed and email to [email protected] (CC Athletic Director and AP in charge of Athletics)
Rules and regulations – See permit for additional information.
  • Coaches need to be an LAUSD employee with a current employee number
  • Coaches need to sign the attached liability waiver for coaches and have the parents of students who are participating sign an out of season liability waiver 
  • Teams may wear the school colors, but may not use school purchased uniforms, school logo or name for any out of season activities
  • Teams may not use the school equipment for out of season activities
  • Coaches may not meet with nor have any contact with students during the dead period.  This includes phone calls, texting and social media. All coaches should confirm their dead period dates with the athletic director
  • Beyond the Bell permits for out of season activities may be obtain for
    practice, passing leagues or competition when all participants are LAUSD students, and no fees are collected from team participation nor entry as a spectator.
  • Meet with the athletic director and select dates (not during dead period).
  • All free permits must end before 6:00 pm M-F and not exceed 18 hours per week.
  • Students who participate do so at their own risk and practices may not be "mandatory".
  • Permits will only be granted if approved by the school site administrator.
  • Student and staff must leave the facilities in good condition.
  • Students and staff respect the designated times and practice and secure facility and equipment upon departure.
  • Make sure supervision is provided at all times.
  • It is recommend that all students maintain a cleared sports physical on file with the school nurse and coaches have an emergency card just in case they need it.
  • Also, eighth graders may not participate in any athletic activities (tryouts/passing leagues etc.) until they have matriculated from their middle school and should not have pre-enrollment contact with athletic coaches.