Athletic Assistant (certificated personnel)

Certificated Personnel-
2-Take and complete the Coaching Education Class. Each Test has a fee (non reimbursable)
There are two options:  
3-Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course (good for 2 years)
4-Complete the Concussion course (good for 2 years)
5-Complete the Heat Illness Prevention Course (good for 2 years)
6-Complete the Covid-19 Course
7-Complete a CPR and First Aid course (non-online course).)Must be Red Cross or American Heart Association approved. (Good for 2 years)
8-Go to MyPLN for Suicide Prevention and Child Abuse Training and Suicide Prevention Training
Read and sign
 Read and sign
Swim Coaches- (good for 2 years) 
Cheer Coaches- AACCA Cheer Course ( good for 4 years):
Email all certificates to [email protected] in PDF format.