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Athletic Assistants

 1-Complete the Athletic Assistant Coaches' Application - Coaches must be at least 21 years old. 
2-AD's will send 2 forms to the District Athletics office (Freeze and EAA forms). Approximately, 5 days later, a Tracking number will be issued. 
3-Once the tracking number has been issued, please see our SAA, Office manager Ms. Nereyda Canales in the Main Office to set up an appointment to process fingerprints.
4-Process fingerprints and submit paperwork.
For the appointment, coaches will need the following:
  1. Drivers license or Government issue photo ID. (passport or ID)
  2. Mantoux TB test, administered within 60 days of processing
  3. Social Security Card (must have the same name on SS card and driver's license)
  4. Completed Request for Personnel Action Form (RPA)-from Ms. Nereyda Canales
  5. Nepotism Form- from Ms. Nereyda Canales
  6. Proof of First Aid/CPR and AED from American Red Cross or American Heart Association.
  7. Proof of Covid Vaccination  
There are two locations for Fingerprinting:
Valley Employment Office- 818-654-1600, 6505 Zelzah ave, Building 6, Reseda, Ca. 91335. Offices are open 8am to 4:30pm, M-F 
Mid Cities Employment Office- 323 753-3321 (press 9) 944 W. 77th. Los Angeles, Ca. 90044. Offices open 8am to 4:30pm. 
5- Coach will notify Athletic Director of a successful visit. May take up to 3 weeks to clear. 
6- Complete the Coaching Education Class. Each test has a fee (non reimbursable)
There are two options: 
7- Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course (good for 2 years):
8- Complete the Concussion course (good for 2 years):
9-Complete the Heat Illness Prevention Course (good for 2 years)
10-Complete the Covid-19 Course
11- Complete a CPR and First Aid certification (non-online course) Must be Red Cross or American Heart Association approved.(Good for 2 years)
13. Once LAUSD approves background and fingerprints, a employee number will be issued. 
15- Once an LAUSD email account has been established, go to the following website to access the last two exams: Child Abuse Prevention and Suicide Prevention. Click here and search for the trainings.  
16-Read and sign - Code of Conduct Contract 
Swim Coaches-Swimming Certification ( good for 2 years) 
Cheer Coaches- AACCA Cheer Course ( good for 4 years):
All certificates should be email to me in PDF format. 
*The test results will be read 48—72 hours after the initial test. If the test reads positive, you MUST have a chest X-ray. Please note that you must provide documentation that your skin test read positive.T.B. skin tests and chest x-rays must be taken and read within 60 days prior to your processing appointment. Make sure that you receive an original document showing the NEGATIVE TB results; you will need to submit the results at the processing appointment.