Hall Pass Policy

Students are required to be in the classroom on time in order to benefit from instructional activities. Students are allowed to be out of the classroom only during specific pre-approved times: before school starts, nutrition time, lunch time, passing periods between classes, and after school. Interruption of instructional time must be avoided as much as possible.
All staff is responsible for reporting students who are outside of class without an orange vest or truant during instructional time by notifying the Dean’s Office.
Every effort must be made to minimize interruption of instructional time. However, in the event that a student is required to leave the classroom during class, the following policy must be enforced:
Every student who leaves the classroom during instructional time MUST:
  • Have a current SCHOOL ID in his/her possession, once these have been issued
  • Wear an orange vest or have a valid Office Summons Slips/pass
  • No devices to be used while on a pass from class
  • Comply with the “Ten Minute Rule,” which states that no passes are valid during the first and/or the last ten minutes of class