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Reserve a Chromecart

Step 1
Go to Google.com and log in with your LAUSD email address and password.
Step 2
Look at the bell schedule for the times you will need to reserve the Chromecart.
Step 3
Choose one of the Chromecart calendars below to see what is available.  You should be choosing the closest room to you that has a Chromecart.  The name of the teacher that is housing the Chromecart will be in parentheses.  As a courtesy, once you are done, you might want to shoot them an email indicating that you have reserved the Chromecart.
Step 4
Choose a 30-minute slot you would like to reserve.
Step 5
Click "Save".  DO NOT TYPE IN YOUR NAME OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION. Google will automatically pull your information if you have logged into Google with your LAUSD credentials.  You should get an email indicating you have reserved a slot.
Step 6
Repeat Steps 3-5 for each additional 30-minute slot you would like to reserve.  Don't worry.  It goes very quickly.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are in a bungalow or an upstairs classroom, do NOT schedule a Chromebook cart to be used in your room.  Schedule a cart in one of the open labs, like 207.
Room 207 Will be unavailable Period 6 from 02/05/19 to 02/19/19
Need additional help?  Watch this video.