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Classroom Observation Form

Starting a Test Session:
  1. Go to the CAASPP test administrator website. Click on the link here: Test Administrator website.
  2. Login your the login information provided in the e-mail you received. Make sure to add @lausd.net when entering your user name.
  3. Select the test printed on the test session information chart below.
    1. On Day 1, from Category drop-down menu, select "Smarter Summative Adaptive Tests."
    2. On Day 2 and 3, from Category drop-down menu, select "Smarter Summative Perf Tasks."
      Choose grade, "Grade 11."
    3. Choose subject, ELA or MATH from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click "Start Session."
  5. Once the system generates your session ID#, please post and announce the session ID# for the students.
  6. Tell students to write their session ID# on the back of their testing cards. They should keep the cards with them during testing.
  7. Start "approving" students--make sure you are approving them for the correct test.
  8. Refresh your screen periodically to ensure you are not logged out for inactivity (auto logout after 20 minutes of inactivity).
  9. When students are finished testing, remind them to "submit" their tests before they log-out.
  10. Collect testing information cards from students once they have completed testing.
  11. Make sure to end your session once all students have either logged out.
Test Session Info:
Test Session Info ELA Math
Day 1 ELA Math
Day 2 Classroom Activity and PT1 Classroom Activity and PT1
Day 3 PT2 PT2
Summer Term Classroom Observation Form
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