English 10

Course Description

                                                 SYLLABUS FOR ENGLISH 10 and ELD
       The primary focus of the classroom is writing and close reading/comprehension for scholarship in English to prepare students for post high school proficiency in college and the workplace. Students will complete writing  assignments and performance tasks to meet the Common Core Language Arts and ELD Standards. Short stories, poems, essays, novels, and a chosen play for 10th Grade will be explored in depth for character and plot analysis. Scaffolding strategies such as graphic organizers, character analysis maps, paired discussions will be included. Journal topics/current events/ SSR with a chosen novel  will be used for daily question and answer writing exercise.  Also, standard grammar, punctuation, and syntax conventions will support writing proficiency for organized essays and speeches.
        To contact me, please call Grant High School at 818-756-2700 or email kmr0737@lausd.net during regular school business hours.