Principal's Message

Lancer Community:
I am honored to be the principal at U.S. Grant High School.  I have been at Grant for the past 6 years, first as an Assistant Principal and am honored to serve now as principal, continuing the growth and progress Grant has made.  

This year we look forward to continuing our academic and athletic successes.  We recently earned a 6-year WASC accreditation, certifying the strength of our instructional program and that we are meeting the needs of our students. We celebrate a diverse and inclusive environment through our academic and extracurricular activities. We have a busy and thriving campus; I encourage you to check in regularly on our website calendar to keep apprised of the many different events happening all across campus
We want all Lancers to remember our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes with a simple phrase, "Lancers are GREAT!"
  • Global Citizens
  • Responsible Leaders
  • Effective Communicators
  • Academically Engaged
  • Technologically Adept
Our Grant modernization project is now underway, and look forward to the updating of our facilities.  We have recently expanded our technology resources and are proud of the way our teachers integrate technology as a learning tool with their students.  With the campus modernization, our Lancer campus will truly be ready for our 21st century learners.  As we begin the construction, there will be many opportunities for our community to get updates about the modernization project.
At Grant, we ensure that all of our students receive a quality education and are fully prepared to leave us college and career ready with an understanding of how valuable education is and how education opens doors of opportunity. My priority has always been “students first” and ensuring all students have opportunities to learn and achieve.


Rebecca McMurrin
Principal, U.S. Grant High School