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Principal's Message

I am honored to be the principal at U.S. Grant High School.  As a proud graduate of Grant myself, I have many fond memories of my time as a Grant High School Lancer.  When I came to Grant in 2014 as the new principal, I experienced a strange version of déjà vu.  Walking across the campus, the scenery had not changed that much from the time I was here at a student.  Everything looked a different from my new perspective, but the hallways were the same shade of orange and there were even a few of my former teachers still working here!  When I reflect back on my time as a student, I remember feeling a little lost and wondering if anyone knew my name.  That feeling has given me purpose as a principal—my personal mission is to make every decision based on what’s good for kids and help students feel safe and comfortable on campus so they can focus on learning.  My door is always open, and I stress the importance of getting to know our students in all my conversations with my counselors, teachers, and staff.  I’m proud to be a Lancer, both then and now; I hope when our current students think about their time at Grant, they remember their time here with fondness and feel that we prepared them well for their futures.  If they work hard, everything is within their reach!

This year is an important year for Grant.  We are participating in the WASC accreditation process, which is a self-study where we examine all our programs on campus and consider how we are meeting the needs of our students and focusing on their learning.  In Spring 2018, we realized we needed to update Grant's mission, vision, and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes.  This year, we want all Lancers to remember our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes with a simple phrase, "Lancers are GREAT!"
  • Global Citizens
  • Responsible Leaders
  • Effective Communicators
  • Academically Engaged
  • Technologically Adept
Last year our school had incredible growth in student achievement.  Our Lancers gained 18 points in ELA and 17 points in math on the 2018 SBAC.  The highest growth of any high school in the entire district!
We ensure that all of our students receive a quality education and are fully prepared to leave us college and career ready with an understanding of how valuable education is and how education opens doors of opportunity. My goal is that every child attending Grant High School will be aware of and understand the requirements for graduation, successfully complete their classes, and graduate on time with their classmates.


Vicky Damonte
Principal, U.S. Grant High School