School History

Grant High school is a comprehensive four-year high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Grant belongs to educational Local District Northeast, led by Superintendent Andres Chait, and is part of LAUSD Board District 6, represented by Board President Kelly Gonez.


Grant is located in the diverse Valley Glen neighborhood in the southeast portion of the San Fernando Valley and is across the street from the local community college, Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC).


Grant High School first opened in 1959 with grades 10-12. Originally built to support the booming population of World War II veterans moving to the San Fernando Valley with families in tow, Grant has seen shifts of all forms, from demographics, to the number and ages of students served by the campus, to the educational shifts that have occurred over its 59-year history. Today, Grant High School has a total student population of 2,092 students. The main school has an enrollment of approximately 1,400 students; the College Prep/Digital Arts Magnet (CPDA) has 381 students; the Humanities Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies has 200 students. 
Grant High School has a School for Advanced Studies (SAS), which is by application (available in the Admissions Office).  Interested families may come anytime to fill out an application.

Grant High School has a dual-enrollment relationship with LAVC. This includes students attending LAVC courses on the LAVC campus, but also includes LAVC professors coming to the Grant High School campus and providing courses during the school day. These courses are aligned to meet student needs for both SAS pathways and for students to begin to work on undergraduate requirements.


Grant High School is currently in the process of a comprehensive modernization project.  As part of the project, we will have a new classroom building, a new performing arts space, a new library, new college and career center, new graphic design classrooms, new film editing and broadcast spaces, and more!


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