Grant High School's School for Advanced Studies (SAS)/AP Readiness Program is designed to provide its students with an enriching, challenging, and accelerated curriculum.   SAS programs encourage abstract thinking, motivation, interest, achievement, peer interaction, and accelerated learning.


Apply to Grant HS SAS
Why SAS at Grant?
  • 19 unique AP courses--AP courses at all grade levels
  • College courses on Grant's campus
  • Engaging and challenging electives
    • Environmental technology classes
    • Graphic design and digital imagery classes
    • Award-winning film program
    • Visual and performing arts electives
  • Dedicated college office and college counselor
  • Academic and interest-based student clubs
    • Chess club
    • Key club
    • Anime club
    • Future Doctors of America
    • Many more!

Teachers of gifted/talented students "differentiate" the core curriculum through various means, including:
  • flexible groupings,
  • acceleration of content,
  • independent study, tiered assignments,
  • interest centers, learning centers,
  • compacting in student's area of strength, mentorships, adjusting questions, honors, advanced placement courses, and use of above-grade-level resources.
Grant High School invites students who meet the eligibility criteria to apply throughout the year.  Typically, the applications for the following school year are issued in April, but students may apply early by using the application form linked to this page.  Please submit your application to the Admissions Office in the administration building.  Please note, transportation services are not provided.


The Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS) Program offers an intensive academic articulated program in which both innovative and traditional courses are taught. The course content is modified to match the students' achievement level or capacity for learning. The SAS program is offered to LAUSD resident students in Grades 1-12 who meet the criteria. Each student must be verified as meeting one of the following three criteria:
  1. Demonstrate ability in all four critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in their primary language.
    • Explain meanings or relationships among facts, information, or concepts that demonstrate depth and complexity.
    • Formulate new ideas or solutions and elaborate on the information.
    • Use alternative methods in approaching new or unfamiliar mathematical problems.
    • Use extensive vocabulary easily and accurately to express creative ideas.
  2. Please note: This criteria is currently being revised to reflect the new state testing program (CAASPP).  Once the achievement levels have been established for the Smarter Balanced assessments, this information will be published.   If you believe your student qualifies based on CST scores from prior years, please submit an application.  If you have any questions, please call and speak with a counselor or the SAS Coordinator (Karen Evens).   Percentile scores of 85 or above in both total reading and total mathematics on standardized norm-reference tests or --Scaled scores on the California Standards Test (CST) as follows:
    • A scaled score of 450 or above in English-Language Arts, grades 2-11 and
    • A scaled score of 455 or above in mathematics, grades 2-7 or
    • A scaled score of 455 or above for grades 8 and above in one of the following math content courses: Algebra I or II; Geometry; Integrated Math I, II or III; High School Summative Math.
  3. Identification as gifted in any of the categories by an LAUSD school psychologist.
Sample Schedule AP Readiness 9th Grade Student
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Pre-AP Honors English 9 A/B
  • Pre-AP CC Honors Algebra A/B
  • Adv PE 1
  • Spanish 1 or French 1
Sample Schedule AP Readiness 10th Grade Student
  • AP Bio
  • AP World History
  • Pre-AP Honors English 10 A/B
  • Pre-AP Honors Geometry A/B
  • Adv PE 2
  • Spanish 2 or French 2