Parent and Student Section

In order to participate in Interscholastic Sports for any LAUSD school, the following must be met:
1- A minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average
2- A physical from a doctor. Must be in the District form. An office stamp and a signature is required. Physicals must be completely filled out including blood pressure, pulse and vision screenings. Doctors must individually check each required segment (straight lines cannot be drawn down on the sheet).
2A- If the student-athlete has asthma, a separate Asthma Action form must be filled out by the doctor. 
3- Student-Athletes must show proof of health insurance. If the student does not have insurance, it can be purchased through K and K insurance
4. Athletes fill out an athletic packet to play sports in LAUSD. Our Athletic Packet is online. Please Athletic Clearance - Home
Other information
Important Forms Below
** The bus release form allows for athletes to leave after away contests with their parent or guardian. The form must be signed by the athletic director, and then the respective coach. It must be submitted 24hours before the start of the contest.