Mission Statement

Vision Statement
The goal for every student at Grant High School is to attain personal and academic success through a relevant and rigorous college and career preparatory curriculum which fosters critical thinking, innovation, and a life-long love of learning.

Mission Statement
Grant High School is committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment that provides a rigorous curriculum incorporating technology and real-world applications to empower all students to become productive participants in a diverse society.
Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:

Lancers are GREAT!

Global Citizens

  • Demonstrate an understanding of other cultures
  • Participate actively within their school, families, and local communities
  • Are sensitive to and inclusive of others, including those of other cultures and abilities


Responsible Leaders

  • Are independent and self-directed learners who take responsibility for their actions
  • Attend regularly, behave ethically, and work diligently towards graduation
  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively with diverse populations


Effective Communicators

  • Listen actively and respond thoughtfully in ways appropriate to task and audience
  • Provide evidence-based claims and arguments
  • Respond empathetically and conscientiously to all


Academically Engaged

  • Think critically and creatively while engaging in rigorous work with real-life applications
  • Generate questions, analyze data and develop original solutions
  • Integrate knowledge from different content areas to create deeper meaning and understanding


Technologically Adept

  • Demonstrate competency in the use of a variety of technologies appropriate to diverse tasks and functions
  • Develop foundational skills for transition to life, college, and career
  • Assess, evaluate, and use information effectively, efficiently, and safely