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Faculty & Staff Resources

Below is a list of faculty/staff resources.  Additional resources are on the right.
School Experience Survey
Please click on the link provided to take your school experience survey.  Verification of survey completion should be submitted to Ms. McMurrin.
Fall 2018 Instructional Rounds:
Each teacher should complete 2 observations.  Teachers should select one classroom from their own department and any other classroom. Observations should last 15 - 20 minutes.  If a substitute teacher or student teacher is teaching, please select another classroom.
Please remember that teachers with an auxiliary period are excused, unless they have arranged for someone to cover their classes.
Record your observation notes on the link provided: Fall 2018 Instructional Rounds.
Remember our focus is to look for evidence of our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes being addressed.
Universal Complaint Procedures (UCP)