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Schoology Help

All LAUSD students have a Schoology account. If you have not activated your account or if your password has expired, follow the instructions below. 
There are 2 crucial codes you are going to need: Your student ID number, found on your Student ID card, and your PIN number. Your teachers are able to access your PIN number.  (Do not share your PIN number) 
Follow these instructions:

Step1: Go to the and click “Student “link.

Step2: Click on “Activate your account or reset your password” link.

Step3: Select the box “I agree to the terms and conditions of the LAUSD    Acceptable Use Policy”. Then click the “Accept” button.

Step4: Enter District ID, Birth Date (including leading zeros, ex. “mm/dd/yyyy”), and Student PIN listed below.

Step5: Once you reset your Email Password go to”” enter your full email address (Example: and click Next button

Step 6: Enter the password you just reset and click “Sign” in button.



When your account has been established, go to our website GRANTHS.ORG and click on the "Schoology" link to log on. 


You can also access Schoology through your mobile device- upload the app and look for Grant HS 8683. 


For more information and/or help, click on the link: Schoology Support