Biology: Living Earth (Period 1)

Course Description

"Biology of the Living Earth" is a college preparatory laboratory science class that will prepare students in grades 9-12 to be successful in college level lab science courses. The course integrates earth science into standard biology concepts from a phenomenon-based approach. It is aimed at building a solid foundation in biology, integrating an intensive laboratory component that consists of both classroom labs and practical field studies, and building student competency in science practices and cross cutting concepts. Student-centered laboratory activities  will emphasize the process of inquiry and critical thinking. Students will apply their knowledge of Disciplinary Core Ideas to various real-world phenomena.  Earth and space science concepts will be incorporated at logical points in the curriculum to enhance student learning. Students will view these phenomena through the lenses of the crosscutting concepts, such as  Energy and Matter (ecology, biochemistry) or Structure and Function (cells and mitosis and cancer).  Students will demonstrate their knowledge in use through their engagement in the Science and Engineering Practices during hands-on activities and labs.

"Biology of the Living Earth" is a replacement for "Biology" as a college preparatory course. Student schedules and transcripts will read "Living Earth."