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Humanitas has been a small learning community at Grant High School since 1990. We transitioned to a Magnet program in 2018. We offer a unique learning opportunity that challenges students with high expectations and creates a tight-knit community. Students often remark that Humanitas feels like a family. In August of 2018, we opened as The Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies. Our mission is the same: to inspire lifelong learners and create a culture of curiosity. We welcome students from all backgrounds, abilities, and identities. Diversity creates a richer experience for all. 


Our students participate in all Grant High School programs, sports, and extracurricular activities. The interdisciplinary aspect of the Humanitas program is built into the Humanitas courses, supporting students to make connections both within and across our curriculum. Interdisciplinary curriculum no only supports the natural process of the brain to make connections across knowledge, but encourages students to think more critically and see the deeper connection to their education and life.


As freshman, students have the opportunity to take a LA Valley College Health class during the school day. This course is not required, but does provide a safe space for students to try a class with the support of a Humanitas teacher, and receive both high school and college credit. Students are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the closeness of LA Valley College, with multiple courses and career training available. Humanitas students Students will graduate from high school with the knowledge and experience to succeed at the college of their choice.


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