Honors English 9

Welcome to 9thGrade English! You have read many books and taken other English classes over the course of your life so far, but this one will ask you to think about reading, writing, and yourself in ways that you may not have experienced before. Together, we will examine the connections between reading, writing, our world, and ourselves. Not only will you gain a deeper appreciation for language and literature through this process, but you will to develop the invaluable and essential skill of interpretation. My ultimate goal is to help you become a better critical “reader” of your world, one who is able to question, examine, evaluate, and contribute to the world around you. In this effort, all of our work together over the course of this year will be guided by the following essential questions:

  • What can words do: How can language help us? How can language hurt us?
  • How can we use language as a tool for changing our world?

In addition to honing your disciplinary skills as a student of language and literature, this class is designed to help you navigate the transition into high school—a transition that can often be challenging for 9th graders—by providing you with the resources, skills, and habits of mind that you’ll need to be a successful, confident, and independent student in allof your classes over the next four years and beyond. Together, we will sharpen the academic and organizational tools you will need including organization and time management; active reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; note-taking; effective presentation practices; and basic research skills.

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