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Schoology Help

Here are some links that will help you with Schoology. 


Setting up your gradebook


Setting up your gradebook



Setting up your gradebook


How to print grade reports:

How to print grade reports

How to publish grades from Schoology to Misis


General Information from the District regarding Schoology 

District Site on Schoology


How to enroll and unenroll students. 

Enroll and Unenroll



There are multiple ways to retrieve students email addresses and PINS
The easiest is the following:

You can access your students’ pin numbers now through Schoology.


Log on to Schoology


Go to a Course


Go to MYMAIL PIN- On the left column of your screen


Click Agree


You should then see a list of your students’ names with their email addresses, etc.


Hover the mouse over the #### column under Students’ PIN, hold,  and the pin number will appear.

The second way, allows you to print out a complete roster with PINS, etc. 


Helping students activate their District email accounts to log onto Schoology. Some may have already activated their accounts last year.


You can retrieve their account information by doing the following:


Log on to Mydata using your Single Sign On 

Click on "CLASSROOM"

Click on “My Students, Current Year Data"

Choose “Email/Account Roster”

Select your name from the panel to the left. (teacher/counselor)

Optional (select by period). Other options available

Click “Apply” below

Click Student Email/Account Roster-(by period)  (blue lettering)

Optional (print export file to PDF or Excel, etc)

Note: Please do not share their account information with other students, specifically their PIN numbers.


Once you have retrieved their information, share this with them.  How to activate the student District email account


Step1: Go to the “mylogin.lausd.net” and click “Student “link.

Step2: Click on “Activate your account or reset your password” link.

Step3: Select the box “I agree to the terms and conditions of the LAUSD    Acceptable Use Policy”. Then click the “Accept” button.

Step4: Enter District ID, Birth Date (including leading zeros, ex. “mm/dd/yyyy”), and Student PIN listed below.

Step5: Once you reset your Email Password go to”mail.google.com” enter your full email address (Example: [email protected]) and click Next button

Step 6: Enter the password you just reset and click “Sign” in button.


Once students have their lausd email account set up with a password, have them log into to https://lms.lausd.net or our Granths.org homepage to access Schoology.