Senior Help Page

    Senior Year Information

College Application Websites


UC Application Website

Apply from November 1-30 (UC 3.0 GPA or above to apply)


CSU Application Website

Apply from October 1-November 30 (CSU 2.0 or above to apply)


Most Private Schools   

Check the schools website for deadlines (deadlines are usually firm and they don’t allow late submissions)

Check the schools website and it should list the application process and website you need to use if it is not listed above.


College Entrance Exams

SAT Test and SAT Subject Tests                                                                   ACT Test                                                            


You must turn in a Lunch Application and if you are approved for free or reduced lunch you can use a fee waiver for the SAT and ACT! You can get these fee waiver in the College Office. If you have not applied for the lunch program you can do it online at


Financial Aid & Scholarship Information

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)    You must apply for a FSA ID on this website and you parents need to make a FSA ID as well to e-sign the FAFSA application.


CAL Grant GPA Verification will be done by LAUSD and student just need to submit a FAFSA application before March 2nd, 2018. Once the application has been processed you can verify your Financial Aid GPA on the CSAC website.       You have to create a login and password to verify your GPA. If you have any problems with this process please see Mr. De La Torre. (Don’t wait until the March 2nd deadline to submit your FAFSA).             Students that cannot fill out a FAFSA can fill out a DREAM ACT APPLICATION on this website. If you are an undocumented student or DACA student this is the application you would use. If you have questions please see Mr. De La Torre.  this is a federal government website and has different resources and information about financial aid and scholarships.


Here are some scholarship search websites to get you started on paying for your college after you graduate:                                      this website has a scholarship resource packet you can print out and they update the list after the end of each year in December.


Naviance Login Page: this is a new online tool that students can use and the login is your LAUSD email and password. You can search for colleges, careers, and help you find a major or path to college success.


College Office Website: The page is located on the Academics section of the webpage under College Center.


College Fest 2018 is on October 20, 2018 @ LA Valley College.


Schoology: make sure you are signed up and have access to this great tool to help you keep up with your current grades. If you don’t know your LAUSD email you can get it from one of your teachers or counselor.


Important Dates


CSU Application Deadline November 30th


UC Application Deadline November 30th


December is the last time you can take SAT or Act for college university admissions


January is usually the month that you must submit official SAT and SAT scores to college universities you applied to


Make sure you check your email and regular mail for information sent by the college universities you applied to


If they send you a log in or portal information, make sure you register right away and check it at least once a week


If you need letters of recommendation make sure you fill out a brag sheet. You can get one on the college office webpage


Rep visits, application workshops, and other important info will be posted on the college office webpage