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Volunteer Coaches

 1-Complete the Athletic Assistant Coaches' Application - Coaches must be at least 21 years old.  Please email [email protected] 
2-See Nereyda Canales, the administrative secretary, to set up a fingerprinting appointment. 
3-For the appointment, coaches will need the following:
  1. Drivers license or Government issue photo ID. (passport or ID)
  2. Mantoux TB test*, administered within 60 days of processing
  3. Social Security Card (must have the same name on SS card and driver's license)
  4. Proof of First Aid/CPR and AED from American Red Cross or American Heart Association.  

Fingerprinting and processing locations:


5601 Capistrano Avenue
Woodland Hills,  91367

611 Jackson Street
Los Angeles, 90012

312 North Garey Street
Los Angeles, 90012

2060 West 156th Street
Gardena, 90248
(310) 515-3010

Student Auxillary Services
5607 Capistrano Avenue
Woodland Hills, 91367
(818) 587-4364


4- Coach will notify Athletic Director of a successful visit. May take up to 3 weeks to clear. 
6- Complete the Coaching Education Class. Each test has a fee (non reimbursable)
There are two options: 
7- Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest course (good for 2 years):
8- Complete the Concussion course (good for 2 years):
9-Complete the Heat Illness Prevention Course (good for 2 years)
10- Complete the Covid-19 Course
11- Complete a CPR and First Aid certification (non-online course) Must be Red Cross or American Heart Association approved.(Good for 2 years)
12-Read and sign - Code of Conduct Contract 
Swim Coaches-Swimming Certification ( good for 2 years) 
Cheer Coaches- AACCA Cheer Course ( good for 4 years):
All certificates should be email to me in PDF format. 
*The test results will be read 48—72 hours after the initial test. If the test reads positive, you MUST have a chest X-ray. Please note that you must provide documentation that your skin test read positive.T.B. skin tests and chest x-rays must be taken and read within 60 days prior to your processing appointment. Make sure that you receive an original document showing the NEGATIVE TB results; you will need to submit the results at the processing appointment.