ID Cards

Student I.D. Cards

Grant High School promotes a safe environment for our educational community. Proper identification of all students and staff members is essential to ensure that all persons on campus are approved to be in our school. The student identification (ID) card is required for students to participate in many school sponsored activities. Students must comply with the following ID policy:
  • Students will receive a new, free of charge, official school identification (ID) at the beginning of each school year.
  • Students are required to carry their valid ID cards at all times while on campus or when participating in any school-sponsored activity.
  • Student must have their own ID cards (sharing ID cards is not allowed).
  • Student must report a lost or stolen ID and obtain a replacement immediately.
  • The cost of a replacement ID card is $3.00. Payment is made at the Admissions Office, and the replacement ID card is obtained in the Admissions Office during lunch, daily.

Students who do not follow the Hall Pass or ID Policies will be subject to disciplinary action as approved by the Progressive Discipline Policy.